Package Water Treatment Plant With UF RO complete with Demineralization untuk PT.PERTAMINA EP


Water to be processed  as clean water / drinking water have the certain conditions in order not to endanger its user.
If the water not fulfill the conditions determined hence must be done a series of water treatment process.
Processing type conducted to be depended from raw water source obtained and its use.
Generally raw water source in Indonesia come from ground water (deep well) or surface water (river, lake, accumulating basin water and others).
Pursuant to experience in field during more than 14 years, surface water in Indonesia have the different characteristic.  Therefore, PT.Hasakona Binacipta produce 2 type water processing.

1.    Sedimentation
For processing water with high suspended solid and turbidity. Usually used for river water around Java.

Process sequence for HBC sedimentation :
A high-energy, rapid-mix to properly disperse the coagulant and promote particle collisions is needed to achieve good coagulation to form the small flocculent. Over-mixing does not affect coagulation, but insufficient mixing will leave this step incomplete. Coagulants should be added where sufficient mixing will occur.
pH Arrangement
Water neutralization process after coagulation process (depends of raw water)
Small flocculent result of coagulation process will be bonded with each other to form a largest and strongest flocculent so the precipitated become easier.
Solid flocculent precipitation process conducted effectively by tube settler made from FRP
Final Clarifier process to eliminate the flocculent which not yet precipitated and still carried by water stream, by using pressure sand filter system.
Injection Chloride Solution process to kill the bacteria pathogen in clean water.

2. Deaerated Air Flocculation
For processing surface water with high organic substance or low turbidity, which is difficult to precipitated by sedimentation system. Usually used in river water in Riau area which colourfull and lake with high solid/dirt. Sequence for DAF process is same as sedimentation but flocculent dissociation process conducted by floatation process in the floatation basin. The formed flocculent will floating by the saturated air bubble, and then will be swapped by skimmer system and collected in temporary mud collector.


Water to be exploited as clean water/drinking water have the certain conditions in order not to endanger its wearer.
If the water doesn’t fulfill the conditions determined than it must be processed through the processing equipment.
Processing equipment type is depend on raw  water source obtained and its use.
Generally raw water source in Indonesia come from ground water (deep well) or surface water (river, lake, accumulating basin water, and others). Base on our  experience in water treatment field, surface water in Indonesia have the different characteristic.
Our Water Disinfectant Plant consist of two mainly equipment, i.e : Pressurized Filters and Chlorination of  Water.

PT.HASAKONA BINACIPTA produce suitable pressurized Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter  to facilitated different characteristics of raw water base on their resource.

Filters are used to remove suspended impurities from water.
If the turbidity is very low and color removal is not involved, coagulation without settling may be employed. Where raw water turbidity is high or color removal is required, neutralization, oxidation, coagulation plus settling should precede  the filters process, using clarifying equipment such as sedimentation and settling basins.
Among the most common impurities thus removed are cake, turbidity, iron, manganese, oil and color. Filters with an adsorptive medium are used to remove bad taste and odor. Where water is softened, by either the hot or cold lime soda process, filters are employed to further clarify the water. Neutralizing can be used on low pH water to raise the pH to approximately 7-8.

A pressure filter is a closed cylindrical steel shell containing a bed of granular filter medium over a collector system. The water to be filtered enters at the top of the shell, percolates downwardly through the filter bed and is drawn off through the collector system at the bottom. Periodically this flow is reversed and the filter is back washed to carry away the cake which accumulates on the filter bed. Pressure filters are used where the raw or coagulated water is supplied under pressure. Since the effluent from these filters is also under pressure, the necessity of re-pumping to the point of service is eliminated. They are lower in cost than gravity operated type filters of the same capacity.


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